What is "Dentacoin Trusted Reviews"?

This is the first Blockchain-based platform for incentivized dental treatment reviews from real patients. It was developed and launched by the Dentacoin Foundation back in 2017.

Patients are invited by their dentists, verified through a Blockchain-based system and rewarded for providing valuable feedback. Dentists have the chance to improve their services upon the reviews received and are incentivized for doing so.

Which reviews are “trusted”?

Trusted Reviews are the ones written upon a unique invitation sent from a dentist to a patient. You can easily recognize them by the "Trusted Review" tag. Only those reviews are rewarded with Dentacoin (DCN).

What is Dentacoin (DCN)?

Dentacoin (DCN) is a cryptocurrency you can use as a means of payment for dental services and products within the Dentacoin Network.

Dentacoin can also be stored in a crypto wallet for future value multiplication or exchanged to other (crypto and standard) currencies on multiple international exchange platforms.

There are several other Blockchain-based apps developed by Dentacoin which reward users for their active engagement.

How do I register?

Users: You can easily sign up on Dentacoin Trusted Reviews using your Facebook or Civic account.

Dentists: First you have to set up an account using your official email and provide all necessary details about your dental practice. As soon as your profile gets verified by our Onboarding Team, you will receive a confirmation email and you’re all set!

Is Dentacoin Trusted Reviews free to use?

Yes, you can use the platform free of charge.

How do I get rewarded?

Once you sign up and have your identity verified, you can earn different amounts of DCN for each Trusted Review (written after an invite from your dentist) and each new user invited to the website through your unique referral link. Only Trusted Reviews will be rewarded.

If you are a dentist, you can also earn DCN for each patient review written upon your invitation.

How do I earn from referrals?

Users: Just go to the Invite Friends menu in My Account and choose how to invite people to Dentacoin Trusted Reviews - through social media, email or by simply distributing your unique referral link. You will receive a DCN reward for each active user you have invited.

Dentists: Go to your profile page on Trusted Reviews and click the “INVITE PATIENTS” button. You can choose from inviting them by email (individually or in bulk) or via WhatsApp. For each Trusted Review written upon your invitation, you will receive a DCN reward.

How can I withdraw my DCN rewards?

To withdraw the DCN amounts you have collected, just go to the My Wallet menu which is located on My Account page, follow the steps and enter the wallet address where you wish to receive your rewards. If you haven’t set up your Dentacoin Wallet yet, just follow these instructions.

Please, note that all DCN rewards are processed on the Optimism Ethereum network, so you need a digital wallet that supports it - e.g. Dentacoin Wallet, Trust Wallet or MetaMask. Wallets on exchange platforms are NOT supported - if you enter one, you will lose your rewards irreversibly.

How long do withdrawals usually take?

Withdrawals usually take a few minutes. If it is your first withdrawal, it goes through a security check before processing which may take up to one week. Don't worry if you have pending transactions: they are automatically re-initiated until the payment is received.

Why is my transaction "unconfirmed" / "pending"?

If your transaction is "unconfirmed", this means it is logged in our backend system, but has not yet reached the transaction pool queue for processing. In this case, your transaction will not be visible in Optimistic Etherscan.

If your transaction is "pending", this means the transaction has reached the transaction pool queue for processing. When the system reaches the transaction in the queue, it will begin processing until it becomes "confirmed" and you receive your DCN payment.

Please, note that your transaction's status can switch between "pending" and "unconfirmed" and vice versa, depending on the circumstances.

Why is my Dentist / Clinic account not approved?

We need to ensure that only real dentists are registered on the platform. If you have signed up as a dentist / clinic, but the details provided are not enough for our Onboarding Team to approve your profile, you will not be able to join Trusted Reviews.

I am a dentist. Can I add my reviews to my clinic's website?

Yes, you can embed our simple Trusted Reviews widget on your website to automatically display your reviews. It’s up to you whether to show all or Trusted Reviews only. To add the widget, just go to your profile page, click the “Add to website” button and follow the instructions. Alternatively, you can also share particular reviews on social media using the share icon.

I cannot verify with Civic. What should I do?

The Civic App is available for Android 6.0 and iOS 10.3 and later. If you think the reason might be different, please contact Civic support.

My account was blocked due to suspicious activity. What can I do?

We rely on your diligence and dedication to Trusted Reviews’ mission and reward only quality reviews written by real people. Therefore, we have implemented multiple authentication and anti-fraud mechanisms. If your account has been blocked, you have most likely created more than one account or your account has been identified as fake.

How can I receive technical support?

If you should experience any other issues, please visit Dentacoin Help Center and select Dentacoin Trusted Reviews from the available Help Topics. Please, note that this is the only way to receive technical assistance.